Tuesday, May 7, 2013

After It's combusted...

Remember "the dark night" Delhi? India? Remember the dreadful screams of women and men on streets... The crowded roads of rajpath, begging for some security for themselves in a country called India, A democratic country, Remember Damini ? Remember Gudiya ? remember them?
Remember the thunder hit us all, when the rapists were given police protection, and when we got to know of how the Police wanted to sell the gudiya's case by offering her parents a little sum, and making them keep
shut! Remember any of it?

Well, If you are an Indian.. an educated one ... I didn't say whether you attended school or not, I mean to ask you ...ARE YOU EDUCATED? ... Well, If yes, Then probably you know, In case you're not...Just go to the living room, and pick up a newspaper. Any newspaper  from your city local to The times or The Hindu...You'll know what rape cases are. 
You see, our country have them everyday. And the worst part? Its that the stats show the rape rate in India in 2011 was 1.8 % ...I'd say it as 'JOKE OF THE MILLENNIUM  ...Its not their fault BTW. It is a fault of our pervert society... A country which have bowed to the women president, still seems to think of women as second grade citizens. 
I do acknowledge the fact that large part of our society have developed considerably. But, that is in itself causing these alarming "unreported" rates of Rape...! and sexual assault.

Men from villages (sorry, I don't wanna point out.) and backwards states when come to the posh cultures in cities...they interpret it the wrong way. They interpret every single action of a lady, as provoking. They do not know how-stuff-works-here. This cultural shock make their fantasies go wild!
But why?
Do you see people, that in our socialist country, the Educated are getting educated..and uneducated are depriving still. This has created a big gap in our cultures and society. A big one, So big that It is hard to fill. Today, People like you and me, don't even think about Cast, we almost believe that it had ended... but has it? ...You want evidence. Here it is- Matrimonial, reservation... More? Go and visit a village or backward community. The problem of caste system, is at the core of India. It remains unresolved, and from my analysis...It is one of the toughest issue to get cured. But yes, Don't we believe that 'DARK" is the urge to see light. And yes, We do. This dark night, had instilled within us the urge to see LIGHT.

And that light I believe...is within Education. Only Education is the way, we can uplift our society. Our Indian minds are respected all over the world, We just need to put them to the right purpose. "Each one Teach one" You getting me? Why not have a five year plan where Ngo's must work for education? Why not, each one of us! take a step towards a healthy living. After all, It is the people who defines the nation, not the politics !

Oh yeah! I ramble allot... What I REALLY WANTED TO SHARE WAS MY POETRY... A tribute to the black spot on the face of our nation- the rape cases of damini and Gudiya.

After It's Combusted 

I'm the heat the coal imprisons
After its combusted.
I'm the blood the skewer licks
Of morsels of that naive chicken's slaughter
I'm the dead water mere
that'll fill the city ground, after this devastating tsunami. 
I'm the wrath my nation'll flow through
in crowds, in protest...under these night lights. 

I'm the first tear, the sky had shed
After 9/11 (or 26/11*) or today.
I'm the last vapor, the sea heaved
After your village died of drought. 

I'm the baby, this virgin conceived
Of several unknown rapists;
My fathers. 
I'm the heat the coal holds
After its combusted.

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