Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A strong Dictatorship is better than a weak democracy

After living a while in the free, liberal, and socialist India. I am propelled to think how a strong dictatorship can be batter than a weak democracy. To my surprise, Instead of being reluctant about this proposition, I'm rather hopeful, and believe that this is very much true.
Man by nature, is 'selfish'. A layman when confronted with crisis, seeks to help himself first, then his family, further his commune, and then maybe, his nation. And people! These aren't my thoughts, but of the lady with a lamp- Mother Teresa. Probably the kindest and benevolent of man on Earth ever been. She herself admitted once, "I'm most selfish, It's just that my horizons of seldom are wider."
Teresa's goals were people's health. Wasn't she a dictator on them for their well-being? Who is a dictator anyway? "The one who takes charge by his own will." The one driven to take country on his shoulders and elevate its economy. The one whom we'll count on to be a -STRONG DICTATOR.
And If you find this unrealistic, then probable you've forgotten about the baby born with a blood clot on his right palm- Genghis Khan. He not only changes the course of world history, but united the bast expanse of Asia and further still, and ruled it! Sure, We don't need someone with that much vigor and strength. One-fourth of him is more than enough to rule the fragmented pieces of land, we call "countries".
But Before we glorify the worth of dictatorship. Let's reflect on the cause for which the freedom fighters and other founder leaders of our nation were driven to bring in the marxist ideas and the rule of democracy?
Sure, Nothing stands in front of an ideal or strong democracy as in the Netherlands, But, A weak democracy, I believe is a DIPLOMATIC FORM OF DICTATORSHIP. It does no good but exploits its people, as happening in India etc. They say democracy is where "we" have choices, but after being prey to gat-bellied corrupt leaders and  booth capture, It's very hard to believe. They say "common man" has his say in the govt. The up roaring Delhi streets for Damini and Gudiya, or the "andolans" of Anna and Kejriwal, are enough to prove against it. In our democratic regime, we are assured that our money is safe and made to good use, in the hands og the authorities. But news channels and headlines covering reports about various scams like- CoalgateChitfund, and 2G Spectrum, shun our hopes and believe, leaving us scurrying helplessly everywhere.
Democracy have been well known for its another loop-hole 'Delaying decisions'. Every acy, every amendment has to pass through so many procedures and that too under those corrupt ministers (most of them have criminal charges- A cool website unleashing it! ) What should we expect of them? Either it leads to delays or merely in support of their criminal friends.
Last, but not the least. We all know Mr. Narendra Modi , Little is his tone dictatorial, and Lo and behold! He has uplifted Gujrat so much! Not only has it become industrialised and thriving in agriculture, but is claimed to be one of the safest, with a crime rate of 8.2. These are just facts, which need interpretation  But anyway, Stats speak the truth loud.
No matter what form of government is, but the leader should be strong, both, in his actions, as well as his thoughts. The hour calls for the need for a need of a better leader or should I say, An ACTUAL leader.
Our country is still following the education system our colonial rulers endowed us with. The system followed then was called the "Education of Slavery" by Tagore. Now, as we claim to be an independent and free country, shoudn't we value the intellect and wisdom more than memory? Shouldn't we look for leaders and give room for creative thoughts instead of following the status qou maintained by "FOLLOWERS IN POWER"? Shouldn't we call for a reform?
Democracy has failed to give us such leaders. Weal leaders have made the community weaker. So, shouldn't we hope that strong leader will build aa strong commune. And as the saying goes,"Only in dark, we urge to see the light." This is where I sum up.

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